A Separation

Review: A Separation

26 Apr 12

Harrowing but compelling

Today 9 of us saw "A Separation" - the Iranian film that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. This is a harrowing watch and our opinions were quite divided on it. Les rated it right down there with "We Need to Talk About Kevin" as his worst film of the year so far, and Graeme saw it as Coronation Street in Arabic! For the remaining 7, however, scores ranged between 3 and 4 with an average close to 3.5 stars.

It is a harrowing watch but one that maintains your interest and you begin to feel for the predicaments that the principal characters get themselves into. The movie also provides an interesting insight into the workings of the Iranian justice system. We also get deep insights into how we mere mortals cover up our failings with lies and half-truths. There are some surprising twists along the way. This is quite a compelling movie. 3.5 stars