A Serious Man

Review: A Serious Man

By Bonux
04 Jan 11

The worst Coen movie so far.

The main character and his family are total idiots in a non-farcical way, his "journey" through the "mistery of faith" is so insignificant it will make you hope for the Big Lebowski to burst through a scene and kick their sorry behinds. There is no storyline, no direction in that movie. Start, middle and end have no linkage whatsoever, it is like deconstructed food on a film and it does not make for a happy watching. I am not sure what the viewer is supposed to think of A Serious Man. I could not find any sympathy for any of the characters, in fact I found myself to dislike them intensely. I would be curious to know what the New Zealand Jewish community thought of it. I guess you have to see it as a caricature but since it lacks the fun or the wit factor, I found it hard not to perceive it as a documentary about a seriously archaic and naive bunch. I am usually a big fan of the Coen brothers who have a real knack for creating excellent deadbeat characters but in this movie the characters seem all too real without that little thing that makes you like them for what they are. The ending is like the rest of the movie, it is abrupt not in a revealing pleasant way but abrupt like someone cut the power off because it was so boring someone had to put an end to the misery. Overall it was incomprehensible because there was simply nothing to comprehend. A Serious Man takes you for a free ride for the price of an admission ticket (or a DVD in my case). The story at the beginning of the movie, what was it even about? Who knows. Watching "A Serious Man" made me feel like visiting one of those Rabbi making his way through porky pies. Was it a comedy? I doubt so, it missed all the marks of a comedy. Was it a satire of the Jewish community in the 60's? It is more likely, but why market it as a comedy then? I was after some serious laughters, I did not get a single one. Pointless movie from A to Z. Where is the Big Lebowski when you need him... Seriously uncool.