A War

A War


Director Tobias Lindholm re-teams with A Hijacking lead Pilou Asbæk (TV's Borgen) for this tale of Danish troops in Afghanistan, and the choices they make that follow them home from the battlefield. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2016 Academy Awards.... More

With his company under heavy fire, commander Claus Pedersen (Asbæk) calls in an urgent airstrike to save his men. Sent back to Denmark shortly afterward, Pedersen finds himself charged with the killing of eleven civilians in the ensuing bombardment. The court case that follows will place great strain on the commander, his comrades, and his young family.Hide

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BY fairbrother superstar

How do you justly prioritize the relative value of human lives? Can personal truth validate a factual lie? And where does individual responsibility begin or end when you "serve your country"? You need to know going in that this is not an action-oriented combat film but a question-oriented moral drama, though rest assured it is a gritty one that crackles with genuine tension throughout. The characters, and the circumstances they find themselves in, have an urgent emotional credibility that keeps... More us on-edge and wondering: what would I do in their place? It makes no larger plea for or against Danish (read: Western) military intervention in the Middle East, though its politics are implicit in the sobering conflicts of interest it explores. Well-acted, absorbing, and thought-provoking.Hide

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  • Doesn’t seek to break new ground in the ongoing cinematic investigation of the Afghanistan conflict; rather, it scrutinizes the ground on which it stands with consummate sensitivity and detail. Full Review

  • That A War both delivers the results one might wish for and denies a sense of closure is not a failing but its chief virtue. Full Review

  • Does something brave and challenging in making its most sympathetic character responsible for the worst thing that happens in it. Full Review

  • It’s a riveting, complex film that asks one simple question: what do you do when there’s no right answer? Full Review

  • Lindholm here makes yet another modestly scaled but effective drama that asks more uncomfortable questions than it answers. Full Review

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