Review: Abduction

21 Oct 11

Better than the critics suggest

I am a teen male who has watched both the Bourne movies and the Twilight movies, and I loved this film deeply. I admired the attention to detail and how there weren't any major plot inconsistencies. It is also refreshing to see this sort of action film do justice to the spec ops culture around it and incorporate a lot of convincing touches.
The storyline was very solid and stayed understandable while still being mysterious. There wasn't any oversentimentality, and Taylor portrayed the role of a fierce, trained but still unpredictable teen fugitive well. The few times where he took his shirt off (it's a requisite for a Taylor Lautner movie OFC) didn't feel forced, but rather very appropriate.
One thing that interests me was that it seemed Apple - yes, the makers of the iPhone - owned a stake in this movie. The teenagers did their schoolwork on Macbook Pro's and -Air's. Taylor had an iMac. His schoolfriend had an iPad. I'm suprised the cellphones in the movie weren't iPhones, but I guess it would be unfitting, so I'm glad it isn't the case.

Overall, this was a pretty impressive Bourne-inspired teen action flick which I can't find fault with. Though it was probably meant to suck teen Twihards into watching it, it's their boyfriends who will enjoy it.
I thought this was the best film I had seen in a while, so the treacherous reviews from the critics shocked me. Please do watch it.


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