About Time

About Time


What if every moment in life came with a second chance?

From writer-director Richard Curtis (Love Actually) comes this time-travelling romantic comedy starring Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter’s Bill Weasley), Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy. After another unsatisfactory New Year's Eve party, Tim (Gleeson) discovers he can travel in time. He decides to use the gift in pursuit of love and, in particular, the beautiful Mary (McAdams).

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We’ve all been to Richard Curtis World before: that idealised Middle England where rich people with huge houses and eccentric uncles play tennis on cliff-tops and laugh at rain. He’s as much a lifestyle brand as a filmmaker, and how much you enjoy his last work (he says) as writer/director depends on your tolerance for syrupy poshness.... More

When gawky ginger Tim (Gleeson, a former Weasley) learns the secrets of time travel from his father (Bill Nighy), even the method – standing politely in a wardrobe – feels quaintly outdated. Soon Tim’s mooning after Mary (Rachel McAdams) like a puppy with an erection, and it looks like we’re in for The Time Traveller’s Toff. But then Mary falls (improbably) into his arms, and Tim’s gift becomes little more than a plot device to whizz us through Curtis’s greatest hits: weddings, funerals, you know the drill.

It’s basically Life Actually, with some very sloppy writing. The rules of time travel change to fit Curtis’s loose agenda, and McAdams is never anything more than a cipher with a nice smile. Tim’s mum (Duncan) warns her that pretty girls don’t often develop personalities, a problem that afflicts most of the cast, who are either irritating kooks or blank-faced fantasies.

But Curtis, like Tim, has some great get-out-of-jail-free cards up his sleeve. Gleeson is a genuinely likeable and funny lead, Tom Holland steals every scene he’s in as a foul-mouthed playwright, and the father-son relationship sparks some moving exchanges. In short, even though you know Richard Curtis World doesn’t exist – couldn’t exist – it’s a nice place to visit.Hide

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BY christinec superstar

Thoroughly enjoyed but would leave the man at home. Not as entertaining for the menfolk as Love Actually. Enjoyed this more than anticipated by the trailer.

BY CJRedshaw superstar

True to form Brit inspired humour, Bill Nighy delivers again with his signature style and minimalist brilliance! McAdams and Gleeson perform well together in a quirky yet believable love story that is a mixture of engineered genius on a time travellers part and charming wit that can inspire even the weakest of romantics in us all. A great Romance-Comedy-Drama to take your partner to and both enjoy... Both of you will leave uplifted and pleased with yourselves for getting a glimpse of another... More Richard Curtis designed world that this masterfully created film pays tribute to!Hide

Enjoyed this movie with life lessons and laughs. Good one to see on a forst date or with someone you can hold hands with.

BY Whitney lister

This movie is good if you feel like watching a movie that you can pretty much guess the ending by only watching the first 20mins and feel like having a good time enjoying the ride to the end. It was quite sweet though and had some good points to it. A wine or two before hand would make it even better!!

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  • Smart and sweet, funny and genuinely moving. Should probably come with a 'there's something in my eye' warning. Full Review

  • Curtis has managed to achieve the impossible. Specifically: he has gone back to 1993 and remade Groundhog Day with a ginger Hugh Grant. Full Review

  • There are just enough laugh-out-loud moments here to excuse the lurches into shameless, tear-jerking sentimentality. Full Review

  • Will [Curtis] please fans as much as it irritates detractors. Full Review

  • Ditching the trademark forced theatrics, About Time finds Richard Curtis in more reflective mood. Don't expect a life-changer, but it's a pleasant shift of pace. Full Review

  • Gleeson and McAdams have a radiant, believable chemistry that keeps the film aloft, while the other actors glide through effortlessly ... Full Review

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