Alien: Covenant adamatdramatrain'S REVIEW

Big dumb, gorgeous looking fun

Yeah, PROMETHEUS was kind of a mess script-wise. Full of dumb characters making even dumber decisions. Heck I wouldn’t remove my facemask in an Earth sewer, so why a scientist would remove their helmet on an alien planet, or say “Hi” to a space cobra-thing, or… anyway you get the point.

But oh boy, PROMETHEUS was gorgeous to look at. The design, the aesthetic, the sheer cinematic gorgeousness on display was stunning.

The 3D thrilled. The acting was top notch. Visually, Ridley Scott served up such a sumptuous feast that, even if the script and characters left a bad taste in the mouth, the eyes left the cinema sated.

COVENANT is pretty much the same again. Whilst Scott tries to ramp up the horror at times, the claustrophobic, shadowy scares of his first ALIEN are far, far behind him. Like PROMETHEUS, this Alien incarnation just ain’t that scary. But it is a gorgeously machined, visually rewarding delight.

The script is tighter and the action moves at a fair clip, and you’ll never be bored. The acting’s great, despite some clunky-as dialogue. The FX superb. But, we still get dumb-ass people doing dumb-ass stuff that feels more suited to a cliché-ridden, B-grade horror flick.

Katherine Waterston is great as our 2017 Ripley. Michael Fassbender rocks as both androids, David and Walter. Heck even Danny McBride is surprisingly great in his space trucker role.

There are a few stabs at answering some of the questions raised in PROMETHEUS, but as with any attempt to answer the big questions of Life, The Universe and Everything in sci-fi horror genre movies, they’re about as satisfying as Obi-Wan explaining the nature of The Force to Luke.

Horror fans will be rewarded with the occasional moment of body horror. Sci-Fi philosophers will be happy with the odd nugget of Engineeer’s lore. Fassbender fans will be delighted with two Michael’s. Movie fans will relish the visuals, the design, the “making of” and “art of” Blu-ray extras and books to come.

So, relax and let your eyes relish another cinematic feast. Think of COVENANT like a high-mileage, chrome-plastered Harley - it ain’t perfect by a long shot, but boy oh boy does it look great, and what a blast while it lasts.