Alien: Covenant RealityCheck'S REVIEW

Alien : Twelve-teen

BY RealityCheck superstar

Alien Covenant
Not sure what I was expecting but it was pretty good. Like ‘2001:Space Odyssey’ (mostly cos of HAL), ‘Prometheus’ , ‘A.I.’ , ‘Blade Runner’ , ‘iRobot’, ‘Alien’ series, mixed and matched together. I liked the way it flowed, crazy enough it was kind of action packed, not massive in the action side or scary, it’s just Alien-esk. Strangely predictable if you know what to look for, but otherwise it’s above average Sci-fi thriller.
Genre : Sci-fi, thriller, action, horror, splatter
3/5 : Maybe just not my cuppa tea, cos I was brought up on the early ‘Alien’ franchise, but it was pretty good. Long film but hardly noticeable.

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