Alien: Covenant Newt'S REVIEW

Fassbender Wins

BY Newt superstar

If Ridley Scott is smart, and he is, he will hold Michael Fassbender close and cast him for however many sequels he plans on doing for the Alien prequel series. He is phenomenal as David who is a terrifying character, perhaps even more than the array of creatures seen in Alien: Covenant. The movie suffers a bit from trying to please fandom. It feels like a checklist is being ticked off as the movie progresses, instead of an organic story with some direction - Liam Maguren's critique of the film is accurate. All things aside, Ridley Scott achieves what he said he wanted to from the film, during all the press junkets, and that's to scare audiences. It does, with Fassbender surprisingly shouldering the creepy factor throughout.

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