Alien: Covenant jkhotter'S REVIEW


BY jkhotter wannabe

Possibly the biggest disappointment of 2017, but I feel so sure I'm wrong about this film. When I saw it I was bored. BORED? In an Alien film? NO WAY. I don't want to write a full review until I watch it again. I must be wrong, right? It took me 7 times to watch Blade Runner before I thought it was a masterpiece, the other 6 times I was bored. I don't think I could stomach Alien: Covenant seven more times but once more I can do. Can anyone tell me why the naming of the prequels only being named after the spaceship the crew are on? This is just lazy or am I missing the deeper meaning? Shouldn't Alien have been called Alien Nostromo???? Aliens have been called Aliens: USS Sulaco.
I know they didn't want to call it Alien Minus 2 and Minus 1 but still the only SciFi film to justify naming itself after the ship was Event Horizon. Right? Right?

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