Alien: Covenant Alissa-Warren'S REVIEW

War of the Fassbender's

It feels odd reviewing this a week or so after seeing it. Must say it doesn't resonate long term but it was thrilling at the time, I'm pretty sure I came out satisfied. I love that they made a half-hearted attempt at creating characters that we might actually give a damn about when they are inevitably killed off. A salute to the face huggers and chest bursters of the beginning of this franchise was rewarding. Fassbender times two, I mean that's why I went to see it ("I'll do the fingering" that was 'smirk' classic and the audience laughed it was cute) the other reason was to explain 'Prometheus' because that was badly needed and they tried there too. Even though you could see that ending it was still shocking. If you're an Alien film you'd have to see this Right?

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