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Review: All Eyez on Me

16 Jun 17

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“Legends never die” goes the tagline for Tupac Shakur biopic, ALL EYEZ ON ME, but oh, do legends sometimes get shite movies.

As Tupac, Demetrius Shipp Jr. is great, and will certainly be an actor to watch, but sadly just not in this misguided and dull affair. Bookended by an interview set-up, we follow Shakur from his early days, his rise as one of the greatest rappers, to his death, at just 25-years-young.

Political, but packing no punch. Social commentary, without insight. Biopic of a fascinating and brilliant artist, portrayed in a dull, drab drag.

Yup, ALL EYEZ ON ME is a disappointment and then some. Compared to the likes of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, it comes straight outta the made for daytime TV-movie factory. And we’re talking Hallmark Channel here, not HBO.

The pace plods. The direction, by Benny Boom, had me thinking about leaving the “m” off his surname. The best thing about this car wreck is it’ll inspire a true fan to make a damn fine biopic about Tupac one day, to wipe the sour memory of this away.

Whilst the lead actor, and Dana Gurira (as Tupac’s mum), hold their own, the surrounding cast are left drowning in a mediocre script, portraying them as caricatures rather than people.

As for the audience? It’s more a matter of all eyez on your mobile device clock than on the screen.
All Eyez on Me

All Eyez on Me

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