American Sniper

American Sniper


The most lethal sniper in U.S. history.

Based on the memoir of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in American military history with 160 confirmed kills (largely undertaken during four tours of the Iraq War). Directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Bradley Cooper as the Navy SEAL and Sienna Miller as his wife Taya Renae Kyle.... More

At a young age, Texan-bred Chris was raised by his father to be a protector – a sheep dog among the sheep. Carrying that ideal to adulthood, Chris moves on from being a rodeo cowboy to life as a military sniper. Like many other Americans, he believes the war in Iraq is a simple matter of ‘good guys vs. bad guys’. But once deployed, the conflict proves to be more blurred than he anticipated, and as his ‘legendary killer’ reputation increases, so does the fragility of his state of mind. When his tour is over, the trauma stays with him, making life as a new father and husband all the more difficult.

American Sniper was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Lead Actor for Bradley Cooper.Hide

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He might not make an impact with his portrayal of rugby (Invictus), spirituality (Hereafter) or larger-than-life figures (J. Edgar), but Clint Eastwood is a cine-messiah when crafting stories about war (Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima), pride (Million Dollar Baby) and erroneous depictions of what makes a man a legend (Unforgiven). Thankfully, American Sniper stays true to the finest aspects of his career.... More

Real-life sniper Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) has over 160 confirmed kills, earning him the nickname ‘Legend’. Considering how some of those kills involved women and children, it’s a label he does not embrace. Eastwood expertly displays the horror, the tragedy and the wild complexity of warfare without taking a side on the ethics and morality of the Iraq conflict, allowing us to interpret the events ourselves.

Kyle is granted no such luxury. What he sees, hears, and participates in prompt so many questions in his mind, questions that are shut down with a simple “job well done” and “you’re doing your country proud”. This cognitive dissonance has him stranded on a mental landmine, causing him to curl up into an emotionless shell. He carries this numbness back home to his growing family, making the living room as tense as the battlefield.

Bradley Cooper proved he was dedicated to this role by gaining Wolverine levels of mass. But when we witness Kyle’s mental anguish, delivered with restraint of the highest degree, it becomes resoundingly clear how dedicated – and unquestionably talented – he is.

Occasionally bad CGI deflates moments of tension, with one distractingly cartoonish use of ‘bullet time’ undermining a crucial scene in the third act. But these are merely the untied shoelaces to a well-dressed biopic of a modern US soldier who should be admired – not for his record-breaking kill count, but for how he managed to overcome that curse.Hide

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BY thorinoak superstar

Again another film based on a true story that sacrifices building pace and tension for being purely just a biographical tale.

BY Gerd superstar

Another horrible attempt to justify the US war machine. Directed and financed by American multimillion dollar corporations.

BY arlem grader

This film neither glorifies war nor dramatizes the returning hero "victim" theme. It is a glimpse of all facets of the soldier's psyche including his home and seems an accurate portrayal of the full immersion into a hostile environment and the violent engagements that become commonplace. Sadly the nature of the topic will likely dictate how the movie is critiqued but in my view it is well told. There is a fair amount of foul language but it seems in context although I imagine not all soldiers... More are raised potty mouthed.Hide

BY Gaspardation superstar

I'm disappointed by Eastwood. The film is too plain, without making any directing sparks. What's more, Cooper stealt the nomination from Jake.

BY Joeseph nobody

A bad movie. Old white dudes don't get to make war movies any more imho.

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  • Eastwood's gripping, incurious film gives the impression of having not so much been directed as dictated. Full Review

  • Eastwood and Cooper keep finding respectful complexities in Kyle’s story, until the film reveals itself as too simple to have much use for them. Full Review

  • Less a war movie than a western - the story of a lone gunslinger facing down his nemesis in a dusty, lawless place - it is blunt and effective, though also troubling. Full Review

  • Eastwood's impeccably crafted action sequences so catch us up in the chaos of combat we are almost not aware that we're watching a film at all. Full Review

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