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89 mins
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Seth Rogen plays an immigrant worker at a pickle factory who is accidentally preserved for 100 years in this fish-out-of-water comedy.... More

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"Of course, the essence of the fish-out-of-water comedy is that it’s never been a realistic genre — it’s pure Hollywood fantasy. Yet An American Pickle, in its ethnically satirical and scattered way, lacks the integrity of its own ridiculousness. It’s pungent but flavorless: an unkosher dill."


"A movie that even glancingly grapples with questions of ethnic and spiritual identity, past and present, is hardly hack work. It’ll do in a pickle."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"Rogen’s comedies have often layered broad laughs with humanity and thematic ambition. Here, like Herschel and Ben, they aren’t especially convincing sharing the frame."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

"Part time-travelling family drama, part idiosyncratic immigrant-adventure comedy, An American Pickle’s gags underwhelm, but its emotion and originality will surprise you. One of oddest films of 2020 so far, buoyed by two superb turns from Rogen."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

"Pitched somewhere between outrageous satire and sincerity, the movie has a tough time finding its priorities, but it’s endearing to watch it try."


"An American Pickle is neither the most substantial nor the most sophisticated comedy, but its soulful sweetness outweighs its flaws."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"All in all, An American Pickle is a solidly entertaining comedy. Its oddball conceit dares audiences to take the plunge, and Seth Rogen rewards them with Herschel, who is bold, thrilling, and a little bit bonkers."


"When it works, which it does most of all in its opening and closing acts, it’s because it manages to give a surprising emotional solidity to what’s otherwise a whimsical premise."


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PG, Mild themes, violence and coarse language
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