An Island Calling

An Island Calling


The 2001 murder of 'openly gay' couple John Scott and Greg Scrivener in Suva is still clouded in rumour and political mystery. Scott, a fourth-generation, Fiji-born European, was the repatriated prodigal son of a powerful colonial family. As the Director-General of the Fiji Red Cross he had gained international attention during the coup of 2000 when he went to the assistance of the hostages trapped in Parliament for 56 days. We meet friends, lawyers, and Fijian gay activists, seasoned Fiji observers and acquaintances of the murdered pair. We also meet the family of 22-year-old Apete Kaisau, who was ultimately charged with the killings.... More

By engaging with a wide array of local viewpoints, every one of them expressed in vivid, forthright terms, Annie Goldson's bracingly level-headed film fixes their horrific deaths within Fiji's volatile heritage of colonial privilege, evangelical Christianity, immigrant work force and indigenous entitlement. Hide

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  • Goldson admits “I’d always been a bit of a Pacific watcher. Given we live here in New Zealand I’ve always been interested in the politics of the region. Fiji is one of the hotspots of the Pacific"... Full Review

  • A smart, engrossing dissection of the shocking 2001 murders of Fiji Red Cross boss John Scott and his partner. Full Review

  • AT 10PM the night before he took a cane knife and almost beheaded John Scott and his partner Greg Scrivener, Apete Kaisau sat down with his cousin and discussed the Bible. They talked about the Old Testament and the New, of killing beasts as sacrifices. "Share [the verses] with John Scott and Greg," Kaisau told his cousin. "Because if you don't do anything, I will do something." Full Review

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