An Unexpected Love

An Unexpected Love

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Ricardo Darín and Mercedes Morán are a long-married couple who go their separate ways after becoming empty nesters in this Argentinian romantic comedy. More

"When Ana and Marco arrive at the airport to say goodbye to their son, who is leaving his Argentine homeland to study in Spain, they are filled with certainty that they have done well as parents. However, their son’s departure leaves a big hole in their everyday life. After more than twenty years of marriage, both have to admit that their feelings for each other have changed. As if it were their latest project together, they decide to go their separate ways in search of love – but is another partner really a better one?" (Zurich Film Festival)

2019125 minsArgentinaSpanish with English subtitles
ComedyRomanceWorld Cinema

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Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald

Comedies like this are rare - not just for the mature age range, but for the wisdom packed into the observation. It's a sophisticated comedy, born out of experience.

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