Annie (1982)

Annie (1982)


The movie of 'Tomorrow'.

The classic movie version of the beloved musical. The story of a plucky, red-haired girl who dreams of life outside her dreary orphanage.... More

One day, Annie (Aileen Quinn) is chosen to stay for one week with the famous billionaire 'Daddy' Warbucks (Albert Finney). One week turns into many and the only person standing in the way of Annie's fun is Miss Hannigan, the gin-soaked ruler of the orphanage (Carol Burnett). Features the songs It's A Hard Knock Life and Tomorrow.Hide

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  • The songs never take off into anything very much, the whole atmosphere (apart from the climax) is distinctly stagebound, and Huston merely reveals why he had never before in his long career been hired to make a musical. Full Review

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