Review: Anonymous

08 Nov 11


If nothing else this film taught me the correct spelling. No really, its a great film, but you need to understand its a history leason on Shakespere (possible history lesson) set in the back drop of the polictical times of this era. It is a masterful piece of costumes, sets (loved the transistion, you'll understand when you see it at the beginning an the end), history and political views, way more detailed than 'The Three Muskateers'. If you dont enjoy a good doco, or the works of Shakespere or even the occasional history lesson then steer clear, otherwise this is a great watch. Popcorn and chocolate galour while watching.

Genre : history, doco, drama

4/5 : I enjoyed this, but many may not due to the historical and polictical nature, slow paced in parts but makes you think, no what you're getting into before you book your tickets