Apollo 11

Review: Apollo 11

15 Aug 19

Awe and then some...

Stunning on the big screen, this documentary uses archival footage to build a riveting inside look at NASA’s Moon landing. Narration and techno-talk are jettisoned in favour communications between Ground Control and the astronauts.

Featuring a fabulous wealth of rare footage and audio unearthed and restored to jaw-dropping splendour, it may not be the first documentary on the Apollo mission, but it succeeds in conveying the enormity and near-impossible scale of the achievement.

Using split-screen, period animation and footage shot from multiple viewpoints (backed by a cool electronic score), it may annoy some for not getting into the science and tech, and spending too little time on the moon, but unless you’re a flat-earther or Moon-landing denier, it’s hard not to feel the awe.