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"Armadillo took audiences by surprise at this year’s Cannes Film Festival when it became the first documentary to screen in the Critics' Week competition, then took the top prize in that section. The film follows Danish soldiers fighting the Taliban in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan. We’ve grown accustomed in the last decade to depictions of improvised explosive devices, missile strikes and other remote control warfare. But in Armadillo (named for the platoon’s base camp) we’re plunged into close combat that evokes wars of past eras, particularly Vietnam. More

"Director Janus Metz maintains a sophisticated visual flair that’s rarely achieved in such extreme conditions, while building the film around distinct characters within the platoon, such as the boyish Mads – whose middle class family expected him to keep peace in Kosovo, not fight in Afghanistan – and the more battle-hardened platoon leader, Rasmus. Through their six-month tour of duty we witness how war transforms different personalities. Metz draws closer and closer to these soldiers, with an intimacy equal to a work of fiction. That blurring of lines forces the question: what does the viewer seek in a war film? Political insight or human drama? Condemnation of brutality or celebration of valour? Armadillo prompts these questions while leaving it to the audience to determine their own answers." (Toronto International Film Festival 2010)

2010DenmarkDanish with English subtitles
Janus Metz Pedersen (feature debut)
Kasper Torsting

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