Attack on Titan: Part 1

Attack on Titan: Part 1

(Shingeki no kyojin)

Humanity's last hope. Kill or be devoured.

Live-action feature, based on Hajime Isayama’s wildly successful manga-turned-anime, set in a world where the human race has become an endangered species, fortifying themselves inside colossal walls from giant humanoid creatures that seemingly live for one purpose – feasting on people. For 100 years, this pocket of civilisation has managed to thrive. But now the wall is broken, and it’s up to young Eren Yeager to prevent humanity’s extinction.

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I've only watched around 10 episodes of the anime and was aware the live action was supposed to be different however the changes they made didn't even make sense. Story was boring, if I wasn't with a big group I would've walked out..

BY RealityCheck superstar

Attack on Titan
Wow, ok so if you haven’t watched the anime and you know nothing about this film, imagine ‘Bad Taste’ meets an old Western or ‘The Big Boss’ with Bruce Lee and hainv action scenes as fast as ‘Voltron'. It’s got it all, ‘Matrix’ montage, a reference from ‘Se7en’, lounge music then opera music... all apart from comedy, which is a shame, cos it’s kind of funny. Maybe it’s the western world with our movie prejudices, so we’re missing the point of this... More movie, plain entertainment. It’s a “get some popcorn and enjoy it” type of movie.
Genre : Action, fantasy, anime-to-big-screen, revenge, becoming
1/5 : I just didn’t get it, I have no frame of reference for the characters or emotional strong points. Hope my friends that follow this will enjoy this flick more than I did.Hide

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