Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours


The battle for the street begins.

The director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall brings Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne into this no-holds-barred neighbours-at-war comedy as a happily married couple settling into parenthood, forced to confront the noisy douchebag fraternity that's moved in next door fronted by Zac Efron (and his abs). Co-starring Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Lisa Kudrow.... More

Mac (Rogen) and Kelly (Byrne) are doing their best to feel young, cool and spontaneous, even though having a baby has cramped their style. When a fraternity moves into the neighbourhood the couple fear the worst. Frat leaders Teddy (Efron) and Pete (Franco) make a good first impression, but the student's constant partying proves unbearable and a battle between neighbours commences.Hide

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Russian playright Anton Chekhov's rules of drama dictate that if a two-storey bong is mentioned in the first act, then it must be smoked by the third act. Despite failing to adhere to this rule (said bong is sadly never seen in action), Bad Neighbours is a hoot of a film that delivers way more laughs that we've come to expect from a studio comedy.... More

It doesn't quite scale the giddy heights of Rogen's last film, last year's uproarious This Is the End, but there's more than enough inspired shenanigans to keep things lively.

Although Judd Apatow’s name isn't on the film, his sensibility continues to shine through in everything his former collaborators do. Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg (who together wrote Superbad and This Is the End) don't have a writing credit here, but this is much closer in spirit to their more successful works than say, The Guilt Trip.

Rogen is typically great and Rose Byrne shows a wild enthusiasm for her role - it feels like a real treat to see her play an Australian for once. Zac Efron and Dave Franco are both functional antagonists, but they seem a tad interchangeable.

Apart from dropping the ball with the two-storey bong, this comedy provides exactly what it promises. Funny, forgettable froth.Hide

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As someone who hadn't seen the original Bad Neighbours, I wasn't sure what to expect. There were some truly cringe worthy and laugh out loud moments. I really loved the dynamic between Seth Rogen, and Rose Byrne and their screwy manic love and parenting style. It absolutely made me want to see the original.

BY thorinoak superstar

A fun, filled, film with a few laugh out loud moments (the hidden airbags are fantastic!) but overall not too bad but not incredibly good.

This movie wasn't particularly funny, clever or original.
Rose Byrne is much better than this film, Zac Efron is a better actor than this part and Seth Rogen is funnier than his character.
While it's an ok film to waste some time on, I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to spend money to see this on the big screen. The story has been done a thousand times before and none of the characters are well written.
A disappointing effort from everyone involved.

the scenes and lines were pretty predictable, the cast were good and I felt it was exactly what I had expected but come on ....... I think more time was spent of the dumb story line of the smart frat brother planning for his life afterwards then it was on the antics (like the airbags exploding) a movie like this was perfect for its target audience and the message they wanted to send across but shouldn't this day and age be able to provide this and proper movie consequences (make it a bit more... More real life). still a good laugh with the matesHide

BY smileyface superstar

Wasn't any more than expected. Didn't deliver any new gags from the lead actor then he delivers elsewhere - get some new jokes! I'm sorry for the baby who had to put up with cr@p (smoking, drinking, swearing, rooting and most of it badly) when this movie was shot. Maybe I'm getting old!

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  • A heated, hysterical battle between Apatow smarts and Animal House smirks. Subtlety takes a hazing, but humour emerges with honours. Full Review

  • A few big laughs but weakly drawn characters mean a film that is enjoyable enough in the moment but then quickly forgotten. Full Review

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