See Barbarella do her thing.

Cult classic, sci-fi comedy starring Jane Fonda as Barbarella - "the most beautiful creature of the future" - who, in the year 40,000, is forced to land her spaceship on the planet Lythion. There, our highly sexed heroine attempts to vanquish evil robots and monsters while "rewarding" the handsome men who assist her. Based on the 1960s French adult comics of the same name.

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74% of critics recommend.
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  • BBC

    A nutty film that boasts at times beautiful photography of some cheap but truly epic sets of PVC and everything that clings. Full Review

  • Cheerful, kitsch and camp. Full Review

  • There is the assumption that just mentioning a thing (sex, politics, religion) makes it funny and that mentioning it in some offensive context makes it funnier. Full Review

  • Despite a certain amount of production dash and polish and a few silly-funny lines of dialog, Barbarella isn't very much of a film. Full Review

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