Debut feature from filmmaker Natalia Leite, set in the sun and neon lights of Nevada, exploring the bond between two women desperate to shift their present reality. Stars Dianna Agron (TV's Glee) and Paz de la Huerta (TV's Boardwalk Empire).

"Sarah’s (Dianna Agron) life is as bland as the desert town she’s lived in her whole life. With a future devoid of any passion more inevitable with each passing day, she welcomes the sudden appearance of a sexy, spontaneous stranger named Pepper (Paz de la Huerta).

"Broke and on the run from a debt she cannot pay, Pepper insinuates herself into Sarah’s quiet life while introducing her to the thrill of drugs, sex, and spirituality. Quiet curiosity quickly develops into profound connection and Sarah finds herself abandoning her friends and family for Pepper’s intoxicating impulsiveness." (Tribeca Film Festival)

201588 minsUSA
DramaFestival & Independent

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