Review: Battleship

12 Apr 12

Battleship - by HASBEEN

Imagine if you can 'Battlefeild LA' (on the water) mixed with a little 'Transformers' and is soooo HASBRO... Im sorry but really, was this meant to be a comedy or serious? It was just too good at being bad. I liked Taylor Kitsch in 'John Carter' yet in this film, along with Liam Neeson it doesnt stand too tall, infact nearly falls flat on its face. The idea is sound, lets make another game into a movie... a board game... about sinking battleships... Yup. Worth watching if you want a bit of a laugh I guess, or just watch the stuff blow up an go boom.
Genre : Action, war, scif-fi, (almost comedy)
1/5 : I really cant think of much about this film that was good.