Review: Battleship

25 Apr 12

The best film I've seen this year.

It's fantastic! The plot is straightforward and makes perfect sense apart from one unimportant detail. Also, the aliens aren't the usual indiscriminately murderous sort - they only fire when fired upon. They even look like aged aliens because of the length of their space journey. The ships at sea are spectacular, especially the Missouri - probably the last time a genuine battleship will ever feature in mainstream film. For anyone who doesn't know, the Missouri was the world's last battleship to be decommissioned; the Japanese signed their surrender on her deck in WW2; it fought in three wars - WW2, Korea and the first Gulf war, and it featured in the Steven Seagal movie Under Siege. The climactic battlescene where the navy destroyer John Paul Jones unleashes its entire armament on the alien craft makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. True, it's a bit cheesy in places but that's the Americans for you. This film is outselling The Cabin in the Woods two-to-one in the UK and it's well worth the ticket price. I reckon when everyone stops worrying about it being funded by Hasbro it'll become a classic sci-fi at least as good as Independence Day (also panned when first released). Unfortunately I've yet to see a positive review from a girl so this appears to be a boys movie. Shame. It's great fun and wonderful to watch.