Review: Battleship

By Jordan
03 May 12

You Did Not Sink My Battleship!

Hasbro have previously brought two of their many toy lines to the silver screen, both proving highly lucrative in the movie market.
"Transformers" became a runaway success and trilogy, with another already lined up for the future and G.I Joe showed it's worth and has a sequel releasing soon.
With these franchises showing they can make a good run at the market, they have delved into the many properties they own for their next blockbuster.

What they came out with was "Battleship".

Yes, "Battleship", the board game where you place stationary ships randomly and attempt to hit your opponent by selecting a square from a combination lettered and numbered grid.
Written by the Hoeber brothers Jon and Erich, who have a penchant for adapting properties ("RED" and "Whiteout") and directed by Peter Berg, this film is a blockbuster by any definition.
Filled to the brim with well known actors taking the leads (Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Liam Neeson), lovely ladies (model Brooklyn Decker and singer Rihanna) and the biggest, brightest, flashiest Naval battle scenes it can create through special effects, it plays out to every action movie cliche.
Redemption, sacrifice, an unknown enemy, the world at stake and crazy, over the top battles are all there and jumping out at you so that you don't miss the obvious.
While it succeeds at the above, the story and character are where it falters. With little development of the characters, and a best attempt at providing something that can resemble the board game as closely as possible, it's a no brainer, to the number romp through the oceans.

While it isn't a complete miss, it also doesn't quite hit the target. This "Battleship" for now, is still floating.