Behind the Candelabra

Review: Behind the Candelabra

10 Oct 13

Bedazzling Performances

Several moments through this film I found myself almost covering my eyes in disbelief as Matt Damon & Michael Douglas stared into each others eyes before a lovers embrace... I eventually sat through my typical kiwi bloke discomfort as my girlfriend chuckled away to herself and could see the film as a brilliant portrayal of a very flamboyant individual. The film was over the top with bedazzled cloaks, cars and wall hangings but that was Liberace apparently. There were many many great acting moments from all actors and if it weren't for Rob Lowe's plastic surgery I don't know if he could have kept a straight face..."pun intended" great to see Scott Bakula on the big screen not appearing to have aged a day since childhood favourite of mine Quantum Leap... And Dan Akroyds injection in to the film was a welcome dose of reality not usually the role he plays... Artfully delivered and a well put together film that delivers what it promised, may be too much for some guys and girls but it really showcases the talent of great actors when they step up to the plate and deliver!