Best Man Down

Best Man Down


Justin Long (Going the Distance) and Jess Weixler (Teeth) star in this comedic drama as a newlywed couple whose ceremonious day is abruptly ended when the groom’s drunken best man Lumpy dies shortly afterwards. Having to cancel their honeymoon plans, they travel to Midwest America to make funeral arrangements, only to find out that Lumpy wasn’t the man he seemed to be.

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This feature debut from writer/director Ted Koland is a weightless comedy-drama that slots itself snugly in the modern realm of straight-to-VOD. Much like its lead Justin Long, Best Man Down is likeable enough with one or two distinctive charms but is severely limited by many tiny irritating quirks that reduce it to being nothing more than disposable drama.... More

The premise of a best man (Tyler Labine) dying on the wedding night branches off with thought-provoking ideas ripe for the picking, but instead of harvesting them, the movie shakes the tree and leaves the fruit it bears on the ground. Some interesting post-marriage post-mortem dilemmas are presented – using the honeymoon fund to pay for the funeral, handling apathetic in-laws, putting the novelty of married life aside – but the film frustratingly cuts off any explorations of these situations with misplaced humour and inconsequential sub-plots. At 84 minutes, it’s a rare case of a film being too short.

Fortunately, the mystery of Lumpy’s history is laid out with a sweet simplicity. Labine maintains a solid balance between lonely doof and huggable goof while Addison Timlin channels the subtler performances of other young women, mainly Saoirse Ronan and Ellen Page. It’s enough to get you wondering whether or not their relationship hit taboo areas, a curiosity that is later revealed to be strung along through the most annoyingly contrived method.Hide

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