Beyond (Svinalängorna)

Beyond (Svinalängorna)


Swedish drama set in the 1970s, about a young woman's dramatic childhood and her struggle to forget it. Based on the bestselling novel Svinalängorna by Susanna Alakoski and starring Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) opposite her husband, actor Ola Rapace. Winner of the Critics' Week Award at Venice Film Festival 2010.

A morning just before Christmas, Leena (Rapace) receives a phone call from a hospital in her hometown informing her that her mother is dying. This news takes her on a journey to meet her mum for the first time in her adult life. Having fought all her life to let go of her dark childhood, surrounded by abuse and alcoholism, she is now forced to deal with it.

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Beyond is a woman’s unflinching recollecting of her childhood in 1970s Sweden to two Finish parents doomed in their violent love for one another, destroyed by alcoholism and inability to protect the people that need them. Beautifully drawn in ‘70s tropes with orange walls and turquoise bathtubs, the sense of there being something beyond the mess comes from cutting between Leena’s current, loving, successful life and her tumultuous childhood.... More

Her mother’s imminent death presents the catalyst for going back in time to moments held together by desperate attempts at being better. The message here is of silent witness; about watching and learning how not to be. How not to fail your children; how not to succumb. How, in the end, to forgive people their weakness and take your strength from them.

As Leena, Noomi Rapace (Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) dances through bleak destitution with humanness that touches you deeply. Yes, it’s hard to watch abuse and abandonment but Beyond is a simple story of painful grace. Cleverly balanced between misery and hope, it leaves one feeling grateful that there are better ways to be.Hide

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  • Toni Morrison once said that regardless of how many beautiful, sappy or tired lines we've heard about the moon, the moment a master writer finds a new way of describing it, we are moved to tears. This holds true for much-lauded actress Pernilla August's treatment of domestic violence and alcoholism in "Beyond," a simultaneously restrained, gut-wrenching, but hopeful feature debut. Full Review

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