Big Miracle

Big Miracle


A family of whales trapped beneath the ice. One unforgettable rescue.

A family of three gray whales trapped beneath the ice in Alaska becomes international news in this rescue adventure, starring Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski and Ted Danson. Based on the Tom Rose novel Freeing the Whales, itself inspired by 1988's Operation Breakthrough.... More

Reporter Adam (Krasinski) is about to be unwillingly reassigned out of Alaska when three gray whales surface in an ice hole. Covering the story gives him an excuse to stay but when it becomes apparent the whales are trapped, his puff piece becomes big news. Spearheading the rescue effort is Greenpeacer Rachel (Barrymore) who has to first battle and then unite international governments, oil tycoons and Inuit locals to save the three trapped whales.Hide

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I wasn't expecting too much from this movie. Thought it was going to be a bad doco of the original happening. I never heard a thing about it at the time. I guess it was before the internet became all prevalent and our wold was so much bigger.

Turns out it was a reasonably well done movie. Krasinski makes for an appealing reporter buried in Alaska trying to find interesting news items. Barrymore is your stereotypical greenie.

I knew nothing about the original story and found it... More fascinating that so many people with different agendas came together to help that family of whales. One of the best parts was at the end where you see the original characters from the real deal, including the White House.

All in all a warm movie, set in the cold depths of Alaska. Would recommend it as a nice movie the whole family can watch.Hide

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  • The makers attempt to coat their fascinatingly bitter pill with saccharine. They are, however, only partially successful. Full Review

  • There may not be a second of say, Whale Rider's lyricism (that's still the best whale movie out there), but this energetic family movie is less insipid than it looks. Full Review

  • Given the abundance of one-dimensional human portrayals, it becomes apparent that a documentary on the subject might have been more powerful. Full Review

  • While rooting for the marine mammals (and wishing for more footage of them-and even of their animatronic incarnations), your heart will also go out to the cast, stuck even more pitiably in syrupy manufactured crises. Full Review

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