Black Panther

Review: Black Panther

17 Apr 18


Marvel's history of diversity and inclusiveness shines in the Black Panther. So when I heard that Marvel was releasing a Black Panther movie I had grave doubts. I found myself thinking "DON'T MESS THIS UP!"

So here we are, one month after it's release and the Black Panther is still screening an garnering praise. Well deserved praise.
Is this a perfect movie? Of course not. Armor with built in nipples? Again? When WILL they learn?

As for those CGI rhinos. I'm can live with that. After all, rhinos are not as easy going as elephants. Hand-reared rhinos that are tame enough to cover with motion capture dots and lead around in front of a green screen or in a set are few. Or non-existent. Seriously. Don't mess with rhinos.

As for the pacing of the movie, it's repeated moments and the length and plausibility of the actions scenes, well that's just a matter of personal taste. You'll never please everyone.

What pleased me most about this movie was the way I saw the building of the Black Panther universe. Broad strokes are used. Nothing is over explained. The purpose of an all woman royal body guard is not touched on. The different responses of his people to their king when he is or is not wearing his mask was so lightly used it was hardly noticeable. And I am deeply thankful to see not one hint of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda!

I dearly loved the scene where the C.I.A agent, ever so accustomed to being taken ever so seriously was shut up so firmly it rocked him on his heels! So much comic history in one delightful moment. You didn't have to be a comic book reader to get that one. I wasn't the only one laughing my arse off.

The cast was first rate. This is very much an ensemble movie. I couldn't single out an individual for top honours. Time after time I saw hints that the actors/script writers/director knew the history of a comic series that goes back to 1966 and thus has a rich history to draw upon.

I exited this movie both hugely relieved and grinning from ear to ear.