Black Swan

Review: Black Swan

By Kat2
11 Feb 11

Stylistically perfect, but....

As per all other reviews - I think this film was dark(not as dark thankfully as Requiem for a Dream or The Wrestler)with a wry twist to it all. Mis en scene was composed exquisitely, expressionistic lighting showing up contrast and shadows deepened the mood. Unfortunately a little too obssessed with the sexual repression of the character which tapped into gratuitous scenes that could have been suggested without the graphic detail. Aronofsky was being a little too indulgent in his own fantasies I think. Portman was good but Kunis actually is who is more authentic in her role and therefore should be getting the acting prize. Portman pouts way too much and forces the angst just a tad too much. Storyline gaps are irritating (Mother with crunched knuckles after daughter has ugly as tanty, shows up at the final inaugural show anyway...) More answers needed (what was real is left way open to interpretation)...Aronofsky does have weird mother fixation (as per Requiem for a Dream)...Hmmmm.
Anyway, it is a good watch in spite of obvious storyline eventuation and stereotypical characters. Do try it, as I have seen much, much worse.