Black Swan

Review: Black Swan

By el_bad
23 Mar 11

Natalie Portman's star performance

The super-creepy special effects in this movie were awesome and I thought they perfectly emphasized Nina's deteriorating mental state. I especially liked the final performance, where Nina literally spreads her wings.

Natalie Portman has an amazing range, and I have mad respect for her portrayal of Nina. I knew ballet dancers like Nina in high-school - often they were sheltered and controlled by their stage-mothers, and were childishly innocent and naive, spoke in a whispers and were incapable of interacting with peers, boys and girls alike. By no means is this a ballerina stereotype, but I recognised in Natalie's performance some of the dancers I knew at school. Nina's character was pathetic and frustrating, and moments of redemption only seemed to come when she was in the midsts of her psychoses.
I thought Natalie had a really good handle on her character's type, and after seeing her in No Strings Attached (which is actually quite good), where she plays a character that is the complete opposite of Nina, I have decided she is one of my favourite actress. Her Oscar for Black Swan was well-deserved.