We are no longer in control.

Michael Mann hacker thriller starring Chris Hemsworth as a convict asked to help with an investigation targeting a high-risk networking criminal - an endeavour that will take him and his American and Chinese partners from Chicago to Jakarta. Co-starring Oscar-nominee Viola Davis (The Help).

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BY thorinoak superstar

Mann is trying way to hard to make this film look cool at the expense of any sense of suspense or story. The only film this year I stopped watching out of utter boredom.

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  • A square-jawed, furrowed-browed, altogether joyless film, with a hero to match ... Full Review

  • A competent procedural rather than the ground-breaking cybersaga we'd hoped for. But as with Miami Vice, Mann's boundless style does a remarkable job of disguising the lack of substance. Full Review

  • It's no Heat but the niggles are easily forgiven given the virtuosity on show and the mood oozing from every frame. No one shoots faces, architecture and gunfights like Mann. Full Review

  • Technology may have changed, cyber-crime may be all the rage, but the narrative song remains the same in films like this, and it's a tune this director knows by heart. Full Review

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