Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine


Woody Allen comedy/drama starring Cate Blanchett (who won a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a Best Actress Oscar for the role) as a fashionable New York socialite and housewife in the midst of an acute crisis after she loses her husband and fortune. Also stars Alec Baldwin, comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Louis C.K., Peter Sarsgaard and Sally Hawkins.... More

Jasmine (Blanchett) has it all, thanks to her marriage to multimillionaire Hal (Baldwin). But trouble within their relationship leads to financial disaster when Hal is revealed as a crook and soon Jasmine finds herself not only broke but isolated from her family - who she treated with disdain from her lofty New York pedestal. Moving into the unassuming San Francisco apartment of her sister Ginger (Hawkins), whose lottery winnings shared with ex-husband Augie (Clay) were lost by Hal, Jasmine attempts to rebuild her life.Hide

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“I fell in love with the name Jasmine,” declares Alec Baldwin’s Hal at a glittery Park Avenue dinner party. Jasmine (Cate Blanchett), whose real name is actually Jeanette, is the ultimate wisteria girl, a beautiful social climber who has fashioned herself into a diamond-dripping society wife. Her name isn’t the only fabrication. Hal’s fortune is built on lies and crumbles Bernie Madoff-style into ruin, leaving Hal in jail and Jasmine in hell, seeking shelter in San Francisco with her grocery-packer adopted sister (Sally Hawkins).... More

This is Woody Allen in peak form. He has stripped out that jabbering New York paranoia and gleefully poked a big stick at America’s ruling class. That doesn’t mean the working class characters escape unscathed. They’re all in Jasmine’s big mess together.

Blanchett as snobby Jasmine - a role that clearly takes cues from Tennessee Williams’ Blanche DuBois - holds on to her Chanel and Hermès as tightly as she grips the vodka bottle. Even when at her most despicable and broken she looks amazing and triumphs at making cruel, selfish Jasmine impossible to hate. You can’t help sympathise as you watch the seeds of mental illness and drug dependency take root. It’s an extraordinarily layered performance - no wonder Oscar rumours are swarming already. (And I’ll never look at the yabbering ladies roaming Ponsonby Rd the same way again.)

The film’s success is not all credit to Blanchett. There’s great support from the rest of the cast. Special mentions: Peter Sasgaard who does slithery so well and '80s comedian Andrew Dice Clay making the best acting comeback since Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Allen’s beloved New York still features splendidly in periodic flashbacks that unpick Jasmine’s downfall - just how much she knew about hubby’s fraudulent activities is the central question. Escaping to working class San Francisco doesn’t stop the rot in her life and while Allen’s trademark fast-talking humour is entertainingly intact, it’s the darker tone underpinning this film that sets it apart and lingers long after leaving the cinema.Hide

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BY MaiaMcnz lister

How can this film get a five star rating? The only incredible thing about it is Cate Blanchett's performance. The rest is first world nonsense you won't remember five months down the track.

BY Gerd superstar

The movie is a waste of time. But all the performances are really good. There is all this talent — but the subject of neurotic Americans is of less than miner importance and long boring dialogs don’t help to raise interest.

BY emmaslie grader

In true Woody Allen style, this was amazing. Cate Blanchett was perfect, you couldn't help be wrapped up in her crazy world and I was excited to be along for the ride!

BY GrahamP superstar

Woody Allen got it right with this movie.From the casting,script and with all the actors,it made it all so believable.The story flowed so well that it took me into the characters with never a dull moment.It was easy to get caught up in the range of personalities.They were all so very different.The skill in putting it all together was obvious and I could not fault it.

BY filmlover superstar

Okay so I may be going it more or less alone here but this was not as great as the reviewers would have us believe. Sure Woody is a genius, Cate Blanchett is at the top of her game and the co-stars do a damn good job of this Streetcar rework, but having said that the whole thing is still a bit too hysterical and lacking in believability. Definitely worth a look but would work just as well on the small screen. Don't expect any laughs except uncomfortable ones.

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  • Although marred by a couple of too-convenient plot contrivances, this often humorous drama lands firmly in the plus column among the Woodman's recent works. Full Review

  • It’s real Streetcar Named Desire territory as the fights pile up, and if you think that doesn’t sound entertaining, know that it is, in a hypnotically catastrophic way. Full Review

  • A brilliant, switchblade soap. Full Review

  • This lost, lonely woman [is] brilliantly brought to quivering life by Ms. Blanchett... Allen's movie, his most sustained, satisfying and resonant film since Match Point. Full Review

  • For all the memorable dialogue and elegant camerawork (courtesy of Javier Aguirresarobe), it’s Blanchett’s movie, and her performance tells yet another story, that of a woman losing control. Full Review

  • Cate Blanchett plays a neurotic Woody Allen heroine for the ages in this serious-minded but ruefully funny work. Full Review

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