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Review: Book Club

11 Sep 18

Even a party loving 18 yr old loved it

Let me preface this by letting you know that I am 18 yr old who loves to party and drink. Watching the trailer on youtube made me think this movie would be lighthearted but only relatable to middle aged women.

I was so wrong.

This movie left me laughing and a feeling of wisdom which can only be imparted by someone who's lived their life. I found myself surprised that I could relate to the mother, who sacrifices her own life to care for other people, even if those people have outgrown their need for her care. The joy of laughing along with the women when they regale their dating adventures made me feel like i was having tea with a bunch of fun aunties.

This movie is great because it does not depend on vulgarity for humour. The humour is so subtle and FUNNY because they come from moments that occur in real life. They do this in clever physical metaphors and some really clever banter, which left me impressed and thinking "I need to steal these lines".

It was amazing to see strong female friendships with all support and no envy. Each personality was likeable and distinct.

I recommend this movie for teenagers and above. Everyone will find something to relate to and laugh about. I found this funnier and therefore liked it more than the box-office record breaking Crazy Rich Asians.