Boy Cherry Dobson'S REVIEW

It's great to laugh at ourselves!

This movie reminded me so much of my life as a 7yr old in Rangiriri. We are of Maori descent and my cousin lived with us for a time. We both went to the same school and in the same class and he insisted I check his 'ducks tail' and Elvis flick assisted by Brylcream before we went to school each day. He along with his mate Johnstone Tauhou rolled up the lining on their wool grey shorts and rolled down the tops of their gumboots. Dean owned a pretty good set of pram wheels with a green willow aerial and we lived the imaginary life of Hollywood but on cows milk from the vat and two weetbix, homemade bread from the Champion wood oven with lard and plum jam sometimes with ants in. We dreamed a lot and smoked grandads tobacco in the haystack. This movie took me back and I laughed till I cried. Yes and even the violence was a self reflection but hey, we're all ka pai!