Boy Boyo Boy'S REVIEW

Seen Boy Yet?

I think it shows how well liked this movie really is when you see how much positive feedback its getting here, and very little negative. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I guess you'll always get some major eggs in the basket.
Maybe the people that say that the movie has no story or that the children had no guidance are the ones that were brought up in the city and had no sense of adventure when they were young. My siblings and I were raised on the farm where you'd disappear in the morning and not get home til dark-cos that's what kids do, we had similar people around us, an uncle that told me his car had a turbo boost button but it only worked when he drove by himself, the little Maori kid that came to school one day with a mowhawk that his older brother gave him.
Thats why I like this movie, real characters that we can relate to, in a real world, in our real country.

Well done Taika and all the others on this movie.