Boy Allen Murray Davis'S REVIEW

Sadly remeniscent of a childhood long gone.....but a youth well spent....and a future full of hope

Skillfully played characters and portrayal of humble small town coastal New Zealand.
A very well portrayed look at the not so distant past. Especially for someone like me.
Being part Maori and what I was brought up with brings me a lot closer to understanding this film in it's deeper moments, while others tended to treat it like a Hollywood comedy one moment and obviously seemed to lose themselves to oblivion and even boredom the next (their loss).
I found the film "BOY" very sad in a lot of ways.
There were very few times when I wanted to laugh, but only because I was more interested in the people/characters and the few and yet many resemblances to my own past and that of my own friends and family.
This film portrays for me the things you had in youth, but lost when you reached adulthood/maturity...whatever you call the enthusiasm, imagination, ignorance, hero worship, (and the stupid and hurtful things you said and did to your family and friends...added with the hero worshiping of your dad who was strong, your favorite uncle who knows everything or older worldly cousin who's been everywhere you haven't and comes across as a super hero character straight out of a comic book) and then you suddenly wakeup one morning as old as they were then. And realise you don't have too many heros left... they all seem to have moved on or died. You've lost touch with childhood friends, and your brother/s, sisters and cousins you spent all your youth with have seperate lives to you.... with their own children/families to raise.
Youth is never waisted on the young, they just don't appreciate their youthful views of the world till it's gone.
I wonder what my nieces and nephews will remember about their youth!... will they have any heros that don't come from the tv sports channel... will they remember fondly the ghosts of their past like I do now... will they remember to honor their parents and grandparents who did so much for them. will they understand how the hard times made them stronger. Will they sit down with their family and say things like "do you remember when...."
So why do I value so highly a film that only seems to stir within me a longing for a past I can't have.
Because "BOY" reminds me where I came from....the good times, the bad times, the times when you had not much of anything.....and the people who shared that time with you and made your life a lot more interesting.

Regards Allen Murray Davis
(Ko Taranaki Te Maunga)
(Ko Te Atiawa Te Iwi)