Boy Neutral Perspective'S REVIEW

Was this a movie or the TV News?

The high gross income and viewing of this film has been generated predominantly by non-Māori - why is that? Because this story supports their stereotype of dysfunctional Māori - it's lucky the colonists came to save from themselves. Once Were Warriors, Whale Rider, Boy - what's the common theme - dysfunctional Māori people/families. When is a "Māori person beats the odds and rises to great heights" movie going to be funded/made? eg a Māori Rocky movie? Bet you can't think of any candidates? How about the Whānau a Apanui Kapa Haka group? How about the East Coast Rugby team? How about entrepreneurs Travis O'Keefe (Health TV) or Jason Fox (Cultureflow)?

Come on Māori people - develop some critical thinking skills. If you want to watch pessimistic stories like Boy save your $15 - the same story is played on the TV News every night contributing to internalised and interpersonal racism.

There are great Māori success stories out there. Let's film those, celebrate those, and replicate those. The choice is yours.