Boy Roderick Smith'S REVIEW


I had seen the short 'Two cars' which was expanded into this major, and thought that it was the best item at an afternoon of shorts presented to cinema buffs.
In live stage, there have to be comedy moments to help the audience through the bleak bits (eg 'Fiddler'): much the same here (it also brings in an audience beyond arthouse lovers). Michael Jackson was an irrelevance. 3 months on, my main memory is of the progressive disillusionment of 'Boy', facing reality instead of daydreams.
My gripe: like all films about teenagers, it uses actors from an age range beyond the plot. Why not play 'Boy' as a 13 yo and Rocky as his own age? No 11 yo would be chasing that girl in that class (which had a bizarre range of ages).
The plot is universal, but many overseas audiences will get lost with the kiwi accent (but at least it was kiwi and not USA).
I thought than 'Indian' was too formulaic, with cameos just to bring in different audience groups.
'Boy' is much more thoughtful, and brings arthouse into mainstream, and deserves to do well outside of its country of origin. I am certainly recommending it to my friends.