Boy Frank'S REVIEW


Hey Tuwharetoa, your only 16 so I'll let you comment go that "if your a pakeha you wont understand it" you have alot of growing up and learning to do. And to the 'proud maori - a piece of crap' that said "Another Once were Warriors" rip off. Are you sure you saw the right movie you egg. Reading these reviews it seems a lot of people missed the point of the story which to me was that as we grow older and realise that our parent/parents are human and prone to mistakes of their own that this can be a sad realization. It lost its way a little in the second half and could have done with a little tighter ending. But overall it made me laugh out loud one minute and have tears in my eyes the next. I thought the show was totally stolen by the actor that portrayed Rocky, I hope he contines to act. To the people that said it didn't offer much hope, who says movies have to? Sometimes, just like life....there isn't much hope. Especially reading the comments of some of the eggs above.