Boy Kiwi in Oz'S REVIEW

Maori Smurf lol

Are the people that are writing in saying that this movie is depressing living in the real world? The fact is life is hard and quite often disappointing. And lots of kids in NZ and also all over the world live in hardship,with adults around them that don’t always do the right thing. Growing up in South Auckland in the 80's I totally get this movie and thought it was very funny. Loved the trip down memory lane but it also made me think about kids these days that may live in similar environments. But just because a situation is depressing or difficult doesn’t mean you can't laugh at it. And by laughing at it we aren't saying the darker themes in this movie like drugs and crime should be taken lightly. But this movie shows just how strong kids can be when faced with these things. And how they can overcome everything.Ive known heaps of kids like Boy and I hope that this movie has highlighted to the people that walk around in their fairytale lives that these kids are out there, and they are to be admired for their amazing character and strength not be looked upon with pity. I think this movie does a great job of paying tribute to this era in NZ and pays tribute to all the kids who grew up in situations similar to this and are awesome people despite the "bad stuff".