Boy ashlee'S REVIEW

proud maori

i think that boy doesnt highlight the greatness in new zealand Maori, we are not all like that at all and movies like this and once were warriors portrays to the rest of the world that all we do is sit around thinking or taking dope, in jail or unreliable iresponsible parents. yeah it may be funny to laugh at this sort of thing, but really when you see that people actually do this this way, doesnt that make you think? people dont understand what a drastic effect this can have on a culture because it just looks like we are a bunch of no hopers ! boy is influenced by his father to smoke and drink and to be in a gang "crazy horses" this actually happens? why would you want to encourage it and make a movie about it ? yes there is the POTENTIAL, but does anyone actually give a crap to do anything to change it ? NO its a way of life that has been lived for years upon years , but one thing that people need to realise is that it is not just in the maori culture that this is happening. but in "boy" this is portrayed , i do agree that it was a good movie however the ideas and themes unfortunantly were not. props for the effort but sometimes there are sensitive subjects that no one should even touch. especially when the maori culture is soo sacret and tapu, that is not a way that i want my culture to be represented, that is not the way i live or any of my ancestors lived, movies like the "river queen" are good representations of maori and their culture and land.