Review: Boy

By Rowan
03 Nov 10

Ha, choice as

It cracks me up how people reckon that this portrays māori in a negative way. Funny how no one mentions that Taika's other movie Eagle vs. Shark portrays pakeha as awkward. That's just his style. We laugh at our failures, mistakes and humanity. That's what we all share. Anyone who has never seen that side of New Zealand, might not get it, but there is truth in these movies and exaggerations. I can't see how one story about one kid in one rural part of NZ really can be seen as a representative of all māori. Honestly, does anyone think all pakeha are like Paul Henry because he's on TV? We love him as a character, it doesn't mean we agree with his way of doing things or think that everyone should follow his example. I think it's the same with boy. Personally I love the movie. I bought a copy of the DVD.