Review: Brightburn

03 Jun 19

Sooo close to Fully Awesome.

As outlined by the other reviewers, this is an entertaining, gripping, chilling ripper of a movie with an outstanding ensemble cast. No point in repeating the details already given.

However. I found it ultimately disappointing. I will try to avoid spoilers. Read on at your own risk.
The premise "what if superman was evil?" has been explored elsewhere and very successfully too. Each of those stories swung on the belief in free will and consequences. Or, more, succinctly, nature versus nurture. Alas, this film removes one of those factors early on. After a careful laying of foundations -is this boy normal or is he a off from the get go? - there is a flick of a switch that just didn't fit. Free will appears to be removed and wee Brandon becomes puppet like. I just had to wonder, who is really behind the steering wheel here?
No satisfactory answer was offered. Nor enough to for me to form an opinion. Which left a feeling of vague discontent as I left the movie. I couldn't even decide whether or not to hope for a sequel.

The best parts for me were not the gore but that little bastard's icy detachment while he intentionally terrified his victims before squashing 'em like bugs. Jackson Dunn is quite the find. One moment so normal, the next, so not.