Having stirred up a whirlwind of amusing trouble with Borat: Cultural Learnings, Sacha Baron Cohen’s out to do it all again as Bruno. Bruno is a super-camp, gay-as-you-like Austrian fashionista, who first appeared in sketches on the Paramount Comedy Channel back in 1998, then became part of Da Ali G Show.... More

After being ousted from the fashion community during a high profile mishap on a Milan runway, Bruno heads to the US to try and straighten himself out.Hide

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While in many ways Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest effort stays true to the formula that has been so successful to this point, there are also some subtle but notable differences this time round, both in Coen’s approach and in comparison to Bruno’s TV segments.

There are still the ambush interviews and public stunts where the unaware are caught on camera with their hypocrisies and ignorance amplified for the whole world to see. Padding this out are some moments of gross out humour with the volume turned way up, seemingly designed to drop your jaw as much as split your sides. These moments predominantly play on Bruno’s homosexuality, which was a pretty incidental character trait in his previous appearances. It’s kind of sad that this angle has eclipsed the fashion satire because that stuff is solid gold and gets more consistent laughs than the gay gags. Everything seems a lot more structured and scripted this time too, possibly because after so long doing his guerrilla brand of humour, his subjects are starting to wise up. As a viewer, you’ll probably spend at least a little time wondering which material is faked.

These are small flaws as I haven’t been in an audience that laughed as loud and long for ages. Some people will be disgusted and offended, but hey, that’s the nature of quality comedy.

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That was quite offense towards black americans!
Other wisa... awesome!

This isn't clever satire, this is a series of flat gags and a few bits of outrageousness that tries to straddle the line between insulting everyone and showing "support" - hence the tiresome is this pro-Gay or anti-gay argument. Sorry, but whatever group we belong to, we don't actually need Sacha-Cohen to validate our existence. (Sad if we do.) That leaves the central debate: is the film even funny. Answer: One out of 10.

BY Brian1 superstar

It's unadulterated garbish.
Ather Borat, Cohen has stretched himself (no pun intended) too far each way.
We were warned by the ticket seller, but went anyway, shouldnt have.
And Bruno doesnt deserve the attention all these views give it. Eric N got it right.


I saw Borat and I laughed and really enjoyed it. As for Bruno ? I felt yuk from the opening scene of Bruno being pummeled by a mechanical dildo and it went down hill from there. The only amusing minutes was the contrived cage fighting scenes at the end of the movie and watching the Homophobes throwing up and throwing missiles at the two fags locked in the cage. I'm no Homophobe and have a broad mind and a great sense of humor but I'm sorry I didn't see the humor in this gay porn flick... More Yuk.Hide

It had some funny parts but most was just to much.Made the Hangover look PG .

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  • A no-holds-barred comedy permitting several holds I had not dreamed of. The needle on my internal Laugh Meter went haywire, bouncing among hilarity, appreciation, shock, admiration, disgust, disbelief and appalled incredulity. Full Review

  • A patchy, hit-and-miss comedy with a few outrageous highs and a lot of just-okay padding, Brüno suggests that Sacha Baron Cohen's in-your-face fool routine sadly isn't working any more. Full Review

  • Bruno is only intermittently funny and all too often the "ambushes" of celebrities and civilians look staged. The movie is even a tad -- dare we say it? -- tedious. Full Review

  • As phoney and frustrating as it is funny. Baron Cohen’s comedy-outsider schtick is slick but well and truly found out. The clothes may be new and more fabulous, but the emperor seriously needs to go shopping. Full Review

  • Undeniably funny, outrageous and boundary-pushing, this further documentation of Sacha Baron Cohen's sheer nerve will draw an abundant share of "Borat" fans. Full Review