Broken Hallelujah

Broken Hallelujah


The lives of three people collide in this Kiwi drama that is "not a love story but a story about love". ... More

Kirsty's comfortable life is upended when she finds out how her husband, Gary, has been keeping their business afloat.

Francis, an unassuming man, is desperately trying to convince his wife Miranda to give their marriage another chance. Things have started to go wrong since she started her new TV show 'Budget Blow Out'.

Lex, a young real estate agent - his heart set on the award for best salesman of the year - has just one last sale to clinch before he can beat four times winner Terry Fuller.

A single event collides their stories together. On an isolated beach the unexpected happens and in one profound moment they each realise how fragile and precious life can be.Hide

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BY AW nobody

After watching the Riddells' film, I assessed it as a very high-class quality NZ production, a beautifully accomplished and involving story of life and its consequences. I watched the credits and was astonished at the number of times I saw Riddell mentioned, what Vanessa and Alastair were responsible for and also other members of their family. They are obviously all extremely well talented and to have undertaken a film of exceptional proportion, obviously at huge personal expense, they have... More created an admirable achievement. The photography is amazing and the music, befitting. I put this film production into the same class as the very worthwhile recent big feature, Boyhood. Both are refined adult viewingHide

- A must see New Zealand Feature Film
- Amazing performance by all cast
- Incredibly written and presented

A beautiful and realistic representation of our human qualities,
Most of all I could relate with the lives and loves of the characters of this brilliant, wonderfully told story .

Please go along and support the hard work by the cast and crew of this masterpiece.I highly recommend seeing Broken Hallelujah at a cinema near you.

Phill Palmer

BY LORS nobody

Thoughtful take on contemporary life on Auckland's North Shore's dealing with real and common issues within. Whilst showing us the importance of taking in beauty (breathtaking West Coast) and having genuine long-lasting friendships. Accompanying the imagery is a handsome soundtrack. Greg Smith excels here.

BY actorj nobody

Superb acting and really easy to watch with a great thought provoking story line. A real credit to NZ films. Definitely worth watching. Love to see it again!!

BY Benton nobody

This movie took you through the consequences of decisions made and the emotions from those decisions. Well worth a second visit for me. Pity it is not in more cinemas around Auckland.

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