Burn After Reading

Review: Burn After Reading

21 Oct 08

As filthy as the barbie at the end of summer

Yes, it's black. Yes, the characters have no moral compass (except perhaps one . . . whose double-entendres are priceless!). That's what makes this film. I don't like them - I love to hate them!

I would say this film is all about the twisting-turning, always-keeps-you-guessing plot. Then I remember the off-the-wall characters and how Frances McDormand, John Malcovich and George Clooney inhabit them.

Then I remember the fantastic cinematography - where every frame is a masterpiece (this is perhaps the only attribute BURN AFTER READING shares with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN).

If you're looking for a heart of gold and a moral - pick Disney.

Sometimes the bad guys and idiots win - finally someone had the balls to say it.