Review: Calvary

23 Jul 14

I thoroughly enjoyed this brooding,dark engrossing and yes,witty, rather than comical Irish drama/mystery from beginning to end.The acting was sharp,credible and faultless with a winning performance especially from Brendan Gleeson as Father James.In a fanatical world obsessed with sex, violence and super heroes, this performance was a welcome deviation from the norm, the plot having the viewer question his own conscience and moral conduct. I found the ending to be totally conducive to the plot, expected but unexpected.No fairy story here. The only complaint I have is with the woman three seats away from me, noisily crunching on a bag of chips throughout the entire film.Even after vehemently being told to shoosh by the chap seated in front of me, she defiantly persisted without compunction right to the bitter end.A visit to her local confessional is in order me thinks. :)